The Examination

The Course is followed by an examination. The examination fee is included in the fee for the Course.

The object of the examination is to give casting room staff the opportunity to prove that they have reached a high standard of safety and competence in treating patients. The British Casting Certificate is awarded to successful candidates and is being increasingly recognised by employing authorities and gives added support when responsible posts are being considered. British Casting Certificate holder’s names are held on a Register at the BOA and must recertify every three years and provide evidence of Continuing Professional Development to stay on the Register. From 1st January 2006 the examination is no longer available to those who have not previously attended a BOA Committee Validated Course.


  • Attend an approved course and examination
  • At least one year’s experience in casting application, sufficient theoretical knowledge and experience in caring for in patients and outpatients with trauma and orthopaedic conditions, see below
  • Attend the examination only previous attendance at a BOA Committee, Validated Full Casting Course. All retakes of this Examination must be completed within two years of course attendance.

A Fellow of the BOA and your Line Manager MUST validate this information, and must also certify that the candidate has, in their opinion, sufficient experience in:

  1. casting techniques
  2. the care of inpatients and outpatients with orthopaedic conditions and trauma
  3. sufficient theoretical knowledge, to enable him/her to enter the examination relevant to the published syllabus.

Under certain circumstances, the Casting Techniques Subcommittee may allow a candidate to take the course and examination without the full prerequisite experience. In this situation, if successful, the candidate would have their certificate withheld until they have achieved the length of experience required and had this verified by their sponsoring BOA Fellow and line manager.

The examination consists of viva and practical sessions. All sections must be passed individually and at the same sitting. There will be two external examiners.