Patient concerns about patient safety

1)    Metal on metal hips

Discussions regarding ‘metal on metal hips’ arise in the news and other media from time to time, based on concerns about the performance of this specific type of hip replacement implant. The BOA recognises that these issues are important to patients, and we have prepared background materials for patients available here

2)    MAGEC rods

In late 2018, following media coverage regarding MAGEC rods used in spinal surgery, the BOA published information on this for patients, in collaboration with the British Scoliosis Society. 


Other patient information 

In the past, the BOA has provided on its website a range of resources for patients, often authored by or in collaboration with its Patient Liaison Group. In 2019, we undertook an audit of these documents and papers. Many were several years old and in need of updating, and the number of page-views was very low for all documents. We have taken the decision no longer to provide these online, while we consider further our strategy for providing information for patients. 



Unfortunately, we are no longer able to issue Orthocards (new or replacements). If you need a note for passing through the airport security because of your metal joint replacement, we suggest that you ask your GP or consultant for a letter of confirmation but we cannot guarantee this will be effective. If you have any other queries about this, please don’t hesitate to contact us.