Current Surveys

Please see a number of independent research surveys below. The researchers involved would appreciate it if you could take the time to complete these by any deadline dates given.

The Educational Value of the Daily Trauma Meeting Survey

Zakir Haider (SpR) is conducting a survey on the educational value of the daily trauma meeting. Zakir aims to explore how trauma meetings are structured, what aspects of trauma meetings trainees find educationally useful and how these meetings could be improved to maximise educational benefit for trainees nationally. The aim is to publish these results which Zakir hopes will help improve trauma meetings. We would be grateful if you could kindly spend five minutes answering this survey based upon the trauma meeting in your current workplace. Responses are anonymous. Thank you.
Please complete the survey here.

Fracture Registry Survey

Within the framework of the EU Project Baltic Fracture Competence Center (BFCC), a fracture register with complication recording is created. In the pilot phase, a Delphi process is used to work out which items should be captured. Dr Jasper Frese would like to invite members to complete the following short survey: Fracture Registry Survey. On one hand, the register shall be used for clinical research purposes, but on the other hand it should also cover population-medical issues and enable retrospective product safety assurance in trauma implants.

Please complete the survey here

BASK Revision Knee Replacement Priority Setting Partnership (PSP)

Knee Surgeons – Help us guide future research about problematic knee replacements 
The British Association for Surgery of the Knee (BASK) are running a Priority Setting Partnership with the James Lind Alliance (JLA). They want patients, carers and healthcare professionals to highlight uncertainties relating to the assessment, management and rehabilitation of ‘patients with a problematic knee replacement’. This will identify top 10 research priorities and guide funders for future research. Please complete the survey to tell them the top three questions that you would like to see answered by future research.
Please complete the survey here.